"The fate of the birds is the fate of mankind." -Albert Schweitzer (a Nobel Peace Prize laureate )

Who We are

Hixx is your one-stop-shop for all things avian,providing a comprehensive range of high-quality products that cater to the needs and interests of birders.

Whether you're looking for bird-friendly designed bird feeders,or the latest bird watching equipment, you'll find everything you need under one roof in HIXX.

What will Hixxhome create for users?


Our line of bird feeders is designed with both the birds' habits and the convenience of the birders in mind.

Through hixxhome's bird feeding series, we hope to attract more birds to visit your home.We aim to provide bird lovers with more convenient and professional equipment to enhance the joy of bird feeding.


Our bird-watching series combines cutting-edge camera technology and AI recognition to offer bird enthusiasts a more joyful bird-watching experience.

Not only will these advanced devices help you capture the beauty of birds in stunning detail, but also help you become a bird expert by learning the names and habits of visiting birds.


Understanding Customer Needs

By conducting extensive research into bird behaviors and preferences, we have infused these insights into the design and functionality of our products. Our goal is to create a more comfortable and safe feeding environment, where birds feel the warmth of human care and attentio

Designing for Delight

Beyond just focusing on practical utility, we place a strong emphasis on the aesthetic design of our products. We strive to seamlessly integrate functionality and artistry, enabling users to cultivate an elegant and naturalistic outdoor experience.

Building Emotional Connection

Whether providing premium birdwatching equipment or integrating intelligent identification technology, our aim is to cultivate an enduring emotional bond between humans and birds. It is our belief that by fostering this emotional connection, we can inspire our customers to become active stewards of bird conservation.

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